Information About Shooting Sports

Here is some info about our Action Pistol Shooters, USPSA, and GSSF events.
GSSF - Glock Match - 1st Saturday of the month 10AM-2PM
See below for more information
Action Pistol (previously IDPA) - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month 6-9PM
See below or call John & Renee Livingstone for local information - 404-218-7163
USPSA (IPSC) - 1st and 3rd Sunday 6-9PM
See below or call Dean Cole for local information -
General Info:
Practical shooting is a sport which challenges an individual's ability
to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full power handgun, rifle/or
shotgun. To do this, shooters take on obstacle-laden shooting courses
called stages, some requiring many shots to complete and some just a
handful. While scoring systems vary between practical shooting
organizations, each will measure the speed with which the stage is
completed with penalties for inaccurate shooting.
Organization:  In 1976 an international group of enthusiasts interested
in what had become known as practical shooting met in Columbia,
Missouri.  From that meeting came the International Practical Shooting
Confederation (IPSC). In 1984, the United States Practical Shooting
Association (USPSA) was incorporated as the US Region of IPSC. After
many years of established IPSC competition, some shooters, including
some of the original founders, became dissatisfied with IPSC, as more
specialized equipment was allegedly required to remain competitive.
The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) was formed in 1996
with the aim of returning to the defensive pistol roots of practical
shooting. Soon after this split, the USPSA devised a series of
competition "divisions" with varying limits on type and modification of
equipment, including a "Production" division with rules similar to the
IDPA's regulations. Today USPSA and IDPA matches are two of the most
popular forums of practical handgun shooting in the United States with
more than 17,500 and 11,000 members respectively. Our IDPA group has morphed into the Action Pistol Shooters. Check with us for more information.
Glock Shooting Sports Foundation (GSSF)
The GSSF was founded by Glock, and began sponsoring matches in 1994, and
is the only shooting sport limited to a single brand of firearm. There
are two different types of handgun competitions available. The GSSF
League Match,  which is a series of three matches conducted over a
3-month period, held indoors. Participants must be current GSSF members
and compete in two of the three matches to qualify for plaques and
prizes. If you are not currently a member, you may join on-line at the
GSSF web-site or upon registration at our GSSF League Match. An annual
GSSF membership costs only $35.00 for new members and $25.00 for
renewing members and allows you to compete in any GSSF match. Cost is
$15 per score sheet and will require 50 rounds of ammunition. You may
purchase as many score sheets as you like to shoot within the match
period - 10AM to 2PM on the 1st Saturday of each month here at Bulls Eye
Marksman Gun Club.
The Lewis Prize Allocation system is used to distribute awards as
equitably as possible. Thus, competitors may shoot ANY GLOCK pistol.
Your two best scores of the series will be totaled and averaged at the
end of the 3-match series. If a shooter competes in only two matches,
his/her scores are totaled and divided by two. If a shooter competes in
all three matches, his/her best two scores are totaled and divided by
2.The result is one final score for each shooter, which is then listed
in the overall order in which he/she finished. The overall list is then
divided into thirds, with the top one-third  “A Class," the  second
one-third is "B Class," and the final one-third is "C Class." Plaques
are awarded to the top competitor of each class. Additionally, t-shirts,
hats, and other items are awarded and a GLOCK pistol is GIVEN AWAY by
drawing at the end of a GSSF League Match series.
The other competition is the GSSF Outdoor League Matches,  which
consists of three courses of fire: 5 to Glock, Glock M, and Glock the
Plates. All you need to play (other than ammo) is contained within the
black box your Glock came in. GSSF actively  segregates  master-level
competitors into their own division, so true amateurs only compete
against one another. Better yet, GSSF awards cash and guns to the top
four finishers in each category, then gives away guns and cash prizes by
lottery, one prize for every four competitors!   We do not run these
matches here at the range - you can check on the Glock website for match